Titanium anode for sewage water treatment

Titanium Anode
Application:For sewage water 

Product Description

  Electrolytic oxidation method or electrochemistry, water including domestic sewage, industrial water, factory wastewater treatment process, the electrode not only plays the role of transmitting current, but also plays a catalytic role in the oxidation degradation of organic matter, the precious metal oxide coating titanium anode produced by our factory has a higher oxygen evolution over potential, anode potential is higher than the decomposition potential of organic matter. Suitable for sewage treatment.
The shape of the anode has plate type, tube type, net type and other forms for users to choose, reliable quality. The titanium matrix can be reused.
Application: dyeing wastewater treatment garbage exudate treatment fecal sewage treatment oily wastewater treatment engineering mine cyanide wastewater treatment electrolysis in wastewater recovery metal hospital sewage treatment catering wastewater treatment