Platinum plated titanium anode

Product Description

Ti/Pt electrode(Platinum plated titanium anode) is an insoluble anode, platinum coating and titanium substrate firmly combined, stable performance, high output current density, low loss, long life, light weight; Can replace pure gold, pure platinum anode, used in gold and other precious metal plating tank.

Platinum titanium electrode shape: tubular, mesh, silk, plate, rod, triangle, oval and other special-shaped parts

Platinum has strong corrosion resistance and good stability. Platinum electricity has the following characteristics:
(1) extremely stable, corrosion resistant, can be used for a variety of media;
(2) For oxygen release reaction, the overpotential is high;
(3) For hydrogen dehydrogenation reaction, the overpotential is low;
(4) very long life.

Platinum plating titanium anode produced by us has platinum layer and titanium base combination firmly, stable performance, high current, low voltage, coating thickness between 0.2-10μm, used for precious metal plating tank, uniform coating.