Tantalum bar

 Tantalum bar/Tantalum Rod
Grade:R05200, R05400,R05252, RO5255,R05240

Product Description

Pure tantalum is mainly used in pressure vessels because of its good corrosion resistance and plasticity. Tantalum tungsten alloy is used when high strength is required. The addition of tungsten in tantalum can improve the melting point of tantalum and improve the high temperature strength of tantalum.Tantalum is also used to make electronic transmitting tube and high power electron tube parts. Corrosion resistant equipment made of tantalum is used in the production of strong acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industries. Tantalum metal can be used as structural material for combustion chamber of aircraft engine. Tantalum is easy to process and form,it can be sued as support accessories,heat shield,heater and heater sink in high temperature vacuum furnace,Tantalum wire can be used as orthopedic and surgical materials.
Tantalum and tantalum alloy technical property:

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