ASTM B393 Niobium sheet

Niobium sheet
Standard:ASTM B393
Size:as customer requriment;
Grade:RO4200 and RO4210;

Product Description

 Niobium sheet

  In the chemical industry, niobium is an excellent acid and liquid metal corrosion resistant material, can be used in the production of digesters, heaters, coolers, etc.

 Niobium is also used in the optical industry to make lenses that allow more light to pass through. Niobium can also be used in the lighting industry, such as niobium and 1% zirconium alloy can be used to make effective high-strength sodium vapor street lamps precision support, so that these small components have high thermal strength, excellent formability and resistance to sodium vapor corrosion performance.

 Our main productes for Niobium:

Niobium rod;Niobium sheet;Niobium wire;Niobium tube;Niobium crucible;Niobium Parts;

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