titanium anode for sewage water

   Titanium anode for sewage water

Product Description

  Titanium anode for sewage water
   Electrolytic water treatment principle: the process of converting electrical energy into chemical energy through electrolysis to produce REDOX reaction near the electrodes in the electrolyzer, so that the wastewater can be purified.
Substrate Materials:Grade 1 titanium
Standard:ASTM B265
Dimension:According to customers requriment.plate  or mesh;
Application:Removal of calcium and magnesium ions from industrial wastewater;
                     It can be effectively sterlize water and purity water resource.

 The oxidation of organic matter or reducible inorganic matter in waste water is made by anodic oxidation, and the pollutants are oxidized into harmless substances.
The harmful metals in the waste water are directly reduced to metals by the oxidation of the cathode, or the high-priced metals of harmful pollution are converted into low-priced metal ions of low harm and low pollution.