titanium Disk Anodes

titanium Disk Anodes

Product Description

Titanium anode for ballast and cargo tanks
  1. Targeted at ships, marine metal structures, water tanks and vessels;
  2. The anodes can be made according to the requirements of customers;
  3. own many platinum-titanium anodes.                                                                                                                                                                      The titanium anode is the anode in the titanium base oxide coating. According to its surface catalytic coating has oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution. General electrode materials to have a good conductivity, pole distance change, corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processing performance, long life, low cost, electrode reaction has a good electrocatalytic performance, titanium is the most to meet the above comprehensive requirements of the metal, the general use of industrial pure titanium grade1

The effect of metal oxide coating on the titanium anode is: low resistivity, good electrical conductivity (titanium electric conductivity is bad), chemical composition of precious metal coating stability, stable crystal structure, electrode size stability, good corrosion resistance, long life, has a good electric catalytic performance, reducing oxygen, chlorine overpotential, save power.