99.95% 8mm tantalum plate price

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 99.95%  8mm tantalum plate price
Tantalum has such properties as hard texture, high melting point and corrosion resistance. All of these properties make its application field wide. Half of tantalum production is used in the production of tantalum capacitors.Tantalum plate is manufactured from tantalum powder by rolling. The difference between tantalum plate and tantalum sheet is that tantalum plate is thicker that tantalum sheet. Tantalum plate has the same properties of tantalum.
The purity of tantalum plate is 99.95% or  99.995%. Tantalum plate is produced strictly accordance with ASTM B 708- 98.
Tantalum is mainly used in high-end electronic components, so quality is particularly important relative to tantalum plate price.
Tantalum plate specification Table:
Size Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
Foil 0.03-0.1
30-200 >50
sheet 0.1-0.5 30-600 30-2000
Board 0.5-10 50-1000 50-2000

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