Micro tantalum tube

Micro tantalum tube
Grade Ta1;

Product Description

 Micro tantalum tube and Tantalum capillary tube

 As a professional tantalum tube manufacture,we work on this field more than 10years,someone may want to ask :why is tantalum so expensive?actaully tantalum is mainly use for Electronic components, and because of its excellent high temperature performance and corrosion resistance, so it can replace many other metals. However, due to cost factors, some fields will choose the metal with lower cost and can also meet the demand for use. 

Along with medical needs, the need for minimally invasive
tantalum development rings for catheters has become increasingly apparent,so we can process tantalum capillary tube with od0.2-8mm  for medical application.
Another application is someone use it as jewelry,so we can called Tantalum tube jewelry.

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