tantalum alloy Ta2.5w bar and rod

Product Description

 Tantalum alloy Ta2.5w Ta10W  bar and rod
Our company has many years of experience in the production of tantalum products, from the selection of raw materials to tantalum bars, and then through the vacuum electron beam furnace smelting and purification of tantalum ingots, for pure tantalum bar and tantalum alloy bars (Ta2.5w, Ta10W) we also have two forging processes, after nearly 15 years of rich production experience, 
Tantalum cannot be processed in the same way as ordinary metals. Generally the initial process is forging processing heat treatment, with hammer and stamping two ways to produce flat slab or round medium and small billets.
Like tantalum bar process, first is  forged or extruded to a moderate size in the middle, with a representative section yield of 70-90%, and then annealed. For reprocessing, forging, rolling, extrusion, or drawing processes are usually used. The wire is processed by a common wire drawing machine. Because tantalum material is very soft, it is easy to produce scratches, the drawing surface problem is very big, manufacturers should pay special attention to the surface condition and lubrication.

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