99.95% niobium tube

Product Description

 Niobium tubing, Niobium tube (seamless), Niobium pipe, Columbium tubing,Nb tube
  Our company mainly has niobium tube, niobium plate, niobium rod, niobium target and other products, because niobium has corrosion resistance, can form oxide nitride film, has high creep resistance, so mainly used in: sputtering target, cathodic protection system, chemical reaction equipment.
  Some compounds and alloys of niobium have high superconducting transition temperature, so they are widely used in manufacturing various industrial superconductors, such as superconducting generators, high-power accelerator magnets, superconducting magnetic energy storage devices, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, etc. At present, the most important superconductor material is niobium - titanium alloy,grade is Ti45Nb ,
The niobium tube can also be used as a cladding material for nuclear fuel.
Niobium tube specification :OD2-100*wt 0.2-10*Lmm

Niobium tube Extensive standard: according to ASTM B 394 -99 R04210 
Condition: annealed  


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