laser cutting of titanium

Product Description

Laser Cutting of Titanium parts
   High-Tech Material for Special Tasks
The industrial use of titanium and titanium alloys is primarily based on an optimum strength-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance and a good biocompatibility. Hence, this material is often used for specific applications in the chemical industry, aerospace engineering and medical device manufacturing.
In most cases, mechanical processing is usually only possible at low processing speeds and comes with high tool wear. In this case, laser cutting is an excellent alternative which allows separation of material thicknesses of up to 2 mm.
 The hole for the machin is :diameter/thickness=0.7mm,it means,if the thickness for the titanium plate is 1mm,then the min diameter is 0.7mm.
  Laser cutting meets the titanium plate  surface no oxidation, and for more complex titanium parts of the mass cutting more efficient.

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