Gr9 Ti3al2.5v seamless titanium tube

 Gr9 titanium tube

Product Description

Gr9 Ti3al2.5v  seamless titanium tube

The common gr9 titanium tube applied for titanium bicycle as follows:
od44.5*0.9/1.5mm od38.1*0.9/2mm od25.4*2.77mm
od42*0.9mm od34.9*0.9/1.55mm od22.2*2.2/2/1.5/1.2mm
od40*3.5mm od31.8*0.0/1.05mm od19*1/0.9mm
od28.6*1.6/1.2/0.9mm od16*0.9mm
od35*2mm od27.2*1.1mm od15*1mm

We have strict control plan for our titanium tube,and Through years of professional experience, we can ensure the consistency of our gr9 titanium tubes.
If you have any demands for other grade titanium tube,pls email us. and we also offer titanium bolts,titanium  screws used for titanium  bicycle .