anodized titanium bolts for bicycle

Anodized titanium bolts
Acceptable color:Red,Black.,Gold,Blue,Green,Purple;
Mark Design:Acceptable

Product Description

Titanium is  a unique metal. Featuring lightweight properties with undeniable strength, any job that needs
to be tightly fastened without adding too much weight to a structure requires titanium fasteners. This metal
has the highest strength to weight ration of any structural metal, making it perfect for a variety of uses where
weight may be a factor.
Titanium is also one of those metals that can withstand high levels of heat. In fact, 
titanium fasteners are known to be able to withstand heat up to 806 degrees without losing any of its strength. 
Aerospace engineers find titanium to be useful for all these listed characteristics and rely on it heavily to secure
aircraft structures of all types.
This incredible metal also has a reputation of being able to resist saltwater as well as chlorine corrosion. Marine 
and pool environments rely on titanium screws to keep the integrity of a structure intact and functioning properly.
The mainly standard for Our Titanium fasteners.
DIN 931
M 4-M 48
DIN 938
M 3-M 52
DIN 125
M 1.6-M 52
DIN 933
M 3-M 48
DIN 939
M 4-M 52
DIN 127
M 1.6-M 52
DIN 609
M 8-M 42
DIN 913
M 2-M 24
DIN 9021
M 3-M 20
DIN 912
M 2-M 36
DIN 914
M 2-M 24
ISO 14580
M 2-M 10
DIN 6912
M 4-M 30
DIN 934
M 1-M 90
ISO 14581
M 2-M 10
DIN 7984
M 4-M 20
DIN 935
M 4-M 30
ISO 14583
M 2-M 10
DIN 7985
M 3-M 8
DIN 936
M 4-M 80
ISO 14584
M 2-M 10
DIN 84
M 2-M 12
DIN 439
M 2-M 36
ISO 7380
M 4-M 8

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