Weld titanium tube for exhaust

Product Description

 Weld titanium tube for exhause pipe
Titanium tubes have the feature of light weight, high strength and superior mechanical properties. Titanium tubes are widely used in heat-exchange equipment, such as tube type heat-exchanger,coiled type heat-exchanger,coil heat-exchanger, condensator,evaporator and transmission pipeline. Many nuclear power industry ues titanium tubes as the unit standard tubes.
size:as your requriment
we have two choice for exhaust pipe 

1.Titanium straight tubing stock

Seamless (SMLS)

OD 38 X WT  1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 45 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm / OD 45 X WT 1.2mm x L 1000mm

OD 51 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 60 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 63 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm/ OD 63 X WT 1.2mm x L 1000mm/ OD 63 X1.5 XL 1000mm

OD 70 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 76 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm/OD 76 X WT 1.2mm x L 1000mm/OD76 X WT1.5mm

OD 80 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 89 X WT 1.3mm x L 1000mm


X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm
OD 89 X WT 1.0mm x L 1000mm

OD 101.6 X WT 1.2 X L 1000mm

OD 127.0 X WT 1.0 X L 1000mm

OD 152.4 X WT 1.0 X L 1000mm etc.