Titanium anode is used in sodium hypochlorite

Titanium anode used for Sodium hypochlorite 
Based :Titanium Gr1
Type:Plate and mesh.

Product Description

Sodium hypochlorite can be obtained by electrolysis of salt water. Since the equipment of sodium hypochlorite generator is simple and effective, it is now used in more and more water treatment fields.
Drinking water and sewage treatment;
Cooling water treatment of coastal power station, petrochemical and refinery plant;
Pool disinfection;
Shipboard sewage treatment;
Hull antifouling;

No chemical erosion of raw materials, safe use;
It avoids the risk of leakage in conventional chlorine gas and is suitable for environmental protection.
Low cost of raw materials;
Easy to install;
  The titanium anode is used in the production of sodium hypochlorite, which has a better electrolytic effect than before, and the energy consumption is reduced by 10-20%. Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizer and disinfectant. It is produced by the use of an industrial salt or a dilute solution of seawater from a wide range of inexpensive materials. In order to ensure the fresh and high activity of sodium hypochlorite, the sterilization effect is guaranteed. It has the same oxidation and disinfection effect as the chlorine and chlorine compounds.
so we have over ten years experiance on the mmo coating titanium anode,and we have a strict test for each process.