Platinum plated titanium anode

Platinum plated titanium anode
Substrate:Pure Titanium Gr1 or Gr2
Coating thickness:0.5-15um
Coating Method:Electroplating
Platinum Purity:99.99%

Product Description

Platinum titanium anode
  Platinum electrode is manufactured using the refractory metal titanium,niobium,tantalum,molybdenum and tungsten in the production and pure platinum coating,The electrocatalytic functional layers of platinum are used throughout virtually the entire electrochemical industry.
: According to the type of plating / solution composition / solution PH value / working temperature / current density design uniform coating strong adhesion, surface coverage of 100% patented aqueous titanium electroplating platinum process, platinum coating compact structure, the appearance of Was bright silver white, with anode discharge current density, long life and so on. Compared with other titanium-based coated platinum process, the titanium-based platinum plating process is deposited on the surface of the titanium layer of pure platinum coating, titanium-based platinum coating process is coated with a layer of titanium-based compounds containing platinum, After sintering at high temperature, a layer of platinum-containing oxide is formed on the surface of titanium, which has a loose structure, a large resistivity and a large consumption rate during electrolytic discharge. Titanium-based Platinum Plating Titanium Plating is the best choice for plating noble metal.
Platinum titanium anode is  an insoluble anode, platinum plating and titanium substrate with a solid, stable performance, can replace pure gold, pure platinum anode, for gold and other precious metals plating tank. The appearance of the shape: mesh, plate, tube, rod, filament (minimum diameter of 1 mm), etc., the largest processing size: 1200 × 1500mm; 



  1. Cathodic protection
  2. Electrochlorination to anti-fouling and disinfection
  3. Hard chrome plating
  4. Precious and non-precious metal electroplaing
  5. Electronics and semiconductor industry
  6. Pt/Ti anode chemical process engineering


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