ASTM B386 99.95% bright molybdenum plate

 ASTM B386 99.95% bright molybdenum plate

Product Description

  ASTM B386 99.95% bright molybdenum plate
Molybdenum sheet
 Molybdenum is a refractory metal that is very useful in many industrial processes and applications.Refractory metals and alloys are extraordinarily resistant to heat and have unique physical properties.Because of these properties Molybdenum is useful in many high temperature applications where high melting points are required. Molybdenum also have a good strength at elevated temperatures making moly useful in furnace, aerospace, and similar applications. And Molybdenum's good thermal and electrical conductivity and low coefficient of expansion make it a useful metal in electronic/electrical and glass-to-metal sealing applications.

T&M offer Molybdenum in a variety of forms and dimensions.
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